Please sign the joint peace-appeal and spread it widely.

  • The Middle East conflict is always looked at from above and from the outside. Road maps and suggestions for a solution have been lied down by international politicians in various forms over the last fifty years. They all failed. The last example is President Trump's ‘Deal of the century’. It recommends the confiscation of large areas of the Palestinian country.
    WE –Israelian and Palestinian citizen agree that Trump’s deal does not promote the peace process but rather is escalating the conflict.
  • In Israel the third election within one year had nearly the same results. There was no movement in the political blocs. Benjamin Netanyahu is only protected from corruption charges by his immunity as a politician. With one foot he was already in jail when his opponent, contrary to his campaign promises, formed an alliance with Netanyahu and protected him. Just a few weeks later, both announced the violation of international law by stealing Palestinian land - with the support of the American President.
    We - as Israelian citizens feel not represented by a government that tramples on democratic principles and international law,
    We – as Palestinian citizen will not accept a colonization of our land and people. We will fight for a just peace in non-violent ways.
  • Now it is time for people on both sides of the wall to stand up and take their fate into their own hands. Peace is too valuable to be left to politicians
    We will negotiate how we can live in peace –side by side or together in the utopian future. Some previous plans may be suitable as drafts- (the Arab peace initiative, Geneva initiative etc.) but the future plans are not tied to templates. New ideas are welcome.
    We appeal to everyone who thinks we should take action to set up small initiatives and build a network. Small coordinated actions on both sides of the wall can follow.

"Courage for peace" wants to advance the process of understanding from within the societies using a bottom-up approach, thus supporting a grassroots movement on both sides with common goals and actions.
The first step is to spread this appeal and build small groups that work and negotiate on a peaceful Vision for our countries. We know that this is not easy. But many of us already experienced in the seminars
“We can live together!”

We expect a fair solution that will:

  • Satisfy both sides needs based on the 1967 borders,
  • Refer to the resolutions of the UN,
  • Note previous agreements reached between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Consider the Arab peace initiative.
  • End the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian lands
  • Enable the establishment of a viable and sustainable Palestinian state beside the state of Israel,
  • Guarantee full self-determination,
  • Promote cooperation, securing the peace and safety of all sides,
  • Express a view of equality and mutual recognition of the right of the other side to exist

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